Press Release:

October 19, 2020

Orlando, Florida

PS Morgan’s Veterans Outreach in partnership with Veterans Motorsports is pleased to announce we have entered into the road racing series with a new car enabled to race in the series of ITA, SCCA and NASA.  Our very own Board Member and Army Veteran Felix Sola, will be piloting the #65 Mazda Miata.  The car was completed late summer 2020 and has been going through the testing process.  It is scheduled to be ready for it’s first race January 2021.  We are looking to add an additional car in the near future to also run in these series and could not be more excited.  Felix has experience in racing in the endurance racing with European cars for more than 25 years.  Felix joined Veterans Motorsports and has graciously joined the board of PS Morgan’s Veterans Outreach.

PS Morgan’s Veterans Outreach is pleased to work in collaboration with Veterans Motorsports.  This is a non-profit (501C3) organization designed to help address specific Veterans’ needs.  Helping them by providing a continued purpose and direction in everyday life.  Veterans will be trained in various work positions by PS Morgan’s Veterans Outreach in the motorsports industry.  The staffing of mechanics, fabricators, welders, painters, and pit crew will be mainly employed by Veterans Motorsports and training will be provided by career professionals already working in the industry through PS Morgan’s Veterans Outreach, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  This ensures a top performing race car and a blueprint for success.  Veterans’ daily needs such as transportation and medical bills will be evaluated, and assistance provided.  Additional programs specific to Veterans’ needs, such as PTSD will also be addressed by trained professionals.  Once this training has been provided, Veterans Motorsports will supply these Veterans with meaningful employment in the motorsports industry.

We are currently involved in NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA, ITA and NASA, as well as partnering with drivers throughout the country at local tracks in Sprint, Mixed Modified and others.  We provide a hands-on experience with real-time activities through teamwork and a common goal through Motorsports.  The accomplishments of completing the assignments and the racing action are like those actions and the adrenaline rush that they had while on active duty.  Camaraderie and brotherhood are the same facets in a racing team.

To date, we have assisted more than ten (10) veterans with employment in the racing world.  We have also spent countless hours speaking with these veterans to assist them in real-life issues.  We have several partners to assist with this:

  • InLight Wellness System, a medical healing appliance will be available to Veterans to help with PTSD, Total Brain Injuries (TBI), and chronic pain.
  • The “REBOOT” program is a 12-week mental rehabilitation course that assists Veterans cope with daily civilian life. This is an outside program that we have an alliance with.  PS Morgan’s Veterans Outreach will provide funding for this course.
  • Save 22 is an organization that provides another outlet for Veterans suffering from PTSD. One of the many things they do is take Veterans on fishing trips.  The camaraderie provided is sometimes all that is needed to keep a Veteran with us for one more day and hopefully many more.
  • Rustic River Craftsmen Foundation is another Veteran assistance program. Currently, they employ Veterans in woodworking.  Additionally, they assist Veterans with dental issues as there is no dental insurance provided for them.
  • Additionally, we have personally assisted Veterans with personal issues such as helping with custody issues and purchasing tires for another Veteran to enable them to get to their new employment.